Top Casino Bonus: how to look for best offer for UK Casino player

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Online casinos are a great deal of fun and entertainment for players of all ages (as long as they’re over 18). There has been a real growth in this industry in recent years. More and more online casinos have entered the market place and it’s becoming quite crowded. Therefore they are all trying to outdo one another with offers and promotions to tempt new customers to join them. The greatest of all of these promotions is the top casino bonus.


top casino bonuses for UK players

How to get top casino bonus after deposit

Before you join any online casino it is always a good idea to check out if it’s the right one for you and to weight up the options with as many of their competitors as possible. Does it have all the games you like? Is it an easy site to navigate? These are very important questions, but perhaps even more important is: what top casino bonus are they offering?

Pretty much every online casino offers a casino deposit bonus now and some are much better than others. You need to compare offers like you would when purchasing a car or television and find out which is the best value.

Sometimes you might be tempted by a very generous initial offer. But there may be another casino who offer less in the beginning but has more future bonus potential.

Find out terms and conditions

Make sure you are aware of all of the facts surrounding the bonus offers at the casino you wish to join.

Be aware of the terms and conditions to, as there will be some that are better suited to high rollers and some that are more appropriate for small stakes players. Also be aware that there are often playing requirements with bonus money which require you to play through the amount a number of times before withdrawal is possible. 

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Different kinds of top casino bonus

By far and above the most popular casino deposit bonus is given to new players upon registering and making their first deposit bonus. There are many different names given to this by different online casinos, but they are fundamentally the same and it involves them matching your first deposit with free money straight into your online casino account.

The amount that casinos offer does vary, although the standard is 100% meaning that your first deposit will be doubled. Often regardless of currency, whether it’s British pounds, US dollars or Euros, the limit is the same unit number (for example £100, $100 or 100 Euros). Many will have a £50 or £100 limit for the offer of their bonus, but there are same casino that allow you to deposit a thousand or more and will still double your opening deposit. This of course means that the more you deposit the more free gambling money you can get your hands on.

Standard Casino Bonus

The standard might well be 100%. But if you shop around you will find some online casinos offering 150%, 200% and even 250% on your first deposit after registering. The amounts of money they are willing to match might vary significantly though, so it’s worth checking this fully before you sign up.

But it isn’t just your opening deposit that can earn you some extra money to use on your favorite casino games. Many online casinos offer several different casino deposit bonus offers. 

100% up to $500!

How all casino signup bonuses ads up

Once you’ve taken advantage of your first casino deposit bonus there are sometimes second and third casino deposit bonuses to be taken advantage of too. They are often for a smaller amount than the first deposit bonus you receive. Or the percentage the casino will give you can be lower. For example you might get a first deposit bonus of 100% up to £200. A second deposit bonus of 50% up to £100 and a third deposit bonus of 25% up to £50. All in all that is an offer of £262.50 of free money which is certainly not the kind of thing you want to turn down.

In addition there are some casinos that will give you a monthly or even weekly deposit bonus. Which is often quite generous, along with regular promotions where yet more free money is available. top casino bonus

Top Casino bonus requirements

It is very important to read the rules regarding casino deposit bonus money with the casino at which you have chosen to play.

The generous gift of doubling your first deposit or even better and perhaps a whole load of free spins on a slot machine isn’t always as amazing as it seems.

Remember, casinos are there to make money and they can’t be handing out free money that you can just walk away with as it wouldn’t really make good financial sense.

There is always a stipulation regarding how much you must play the bonus money before it actually becomes yours.

The play through requirement is exactly as it sounds. The amount must be played a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. This will vary from online casino to online casino and can also depend on which games you play.

Different requirements for different casino games

The requirement if you play slots can often be much higher than with table games- for example. But it is usually between 25 and 50 times. This means that if you receive a casino deposit bonus of £100 that you might have to stake as much as £5000 before it can be taken out of your online casino account.

This might seem to make it difficult to win, but with a playing strategy and a bit of luck it is more than possible to walk away from an online casino with bonus money in your pocket.


So now you know all about casino deposit bonus offers. Choose the one which suits your playing requirements. Also remember, there’s nothing stopping you joining more than one online casino and enjoying multiple casino deposit bonus offers.

Sign up with your online casino, receive a casino deposit bonus and start playing and winning today!