Gambling has been part of life for many years. In fact, as long ago as 16th century there are records of rich landowners gambling extortionate amounts of funds on horse races or even cockfights. But gambling is not the preserve of the rich, poorer people simply bet less and restrained their gambling to card and dice games. Lets have a look at Casino games UK.

During the 1800’s gambling virtually vanished from mainstream life. It was heavily regulated and monitored. Fortunately, by the early 20th century gambling commissions were being formed; whilst betting was allowed in licensed shops.

Fast forward 100 years and a combination of more relaxed gaming laws and the internet have made it possible to gamble virtually anywhere. It is fair to say that the internet has revolutionized the way people gamble.

It is now possible to locate a huge range of casino games in the UK simply by clicking a button. Every online casino has their own range of games; it is the variety that they offer which will help you decide which are the best and most popular.

Casino games UK - Poker

Choosing the Most Popular Casino

Choosing the right casino is more than just locating the one with the biggest range of casino games UK. There are several other factors which must be considered to ensure you choose the right one:

  • Popularity – The more popular a site offering casino games in the UK is, the more likely it will be to provide a fair service. Whilst you cannot win every time. You would like to think you have a fair chance of doing so!

You can verify the popularity of a site by looking at independent review sites and the feedback on social media.

How to look for popular Casino games UK

  • Casino games UK offered – The larger the range of games the higher the opportunity for you to find one you enjoy and are successful at.


  • Offers – The best casinos will provide you with a good welcome incentive. This is usually in the form of a sign-up casino bonus which will vary according to the amount of funds you are prepared to deposit.


  • It is essential to confirm your chosen casino is fully licensed and registered. If they are not then it won’t matter how large a range of casino games they offer in the UK. You are unlikely to see your funds.


  • Finally, to ensure you can focus on playing your favorite casino games in the UK; you must check the software that the casino uses. The most popular casinos will use mainstream products which can be accessed from multiple types of devices. This will allow you to play no matter where you are.
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Which are the Most Popular Casino Games in UK?

Whether you are new to casino games in the UK or not; you will be interested to find out which are the most popular types of casino games in the UK:

Live dealer

This type of game allows you to play virtually any game you would find in a traditional casino; from the comfort of your home. Streaming and webcams are used to provide you with instant access to the dealer and the table. You can play your hand in the same way as you would at a real casino and even play against other real players!

This is considered to be one of the most popular casino games in the UK simply because it is as close to visiting the casino as possible.


The slot machines have been a favorite for many years. These are games of luck; this makes them attractive to a wide range of people. The fact that there is a huge range of different slot games certainly helps!


The live dealer brings the most popular casino games in the UK directly to you. However, if you prefer to simply play the computer you can opt to play any card game or table game in this manner. Whilst the experience is slightly less realistic than the live dealer games; this can be appealing to new players and those who prefer to play by themselves.

Scratch Cards

This type of game emulates the traditional scratch card you can purchase in your local newsagent; the difference is it is played online! This is another popular option as it is easy for anyone to play.

Understanding the Live Dealer Casino Games UK


UK casino games -diceLive dealer casino games in the UK offer the fun of the casino whenever you want it. You can have a go on the daily commute, your lunch break, or even in the middle of the night!

In fact, there are several options available when using the live dealer option:

  • Roulette

Roulette involves spinning the wheel and betting on the color and number it will land on. A live dealer casino game in the UK will allow you to play against other online players and even those in a physical building!

There are a variety of different versions of roulette to discover!

  • Blackjack

This traditional card game has been played for years and is incredibly simple. You are one of seven players at the table. Your aim is to get closer to 21 one with the cards in your hand than the dealer is; without going past 21!

Choose your view, your bet and even your side bets and enjoy one of the greatest casino games in the UK!

  • Baccarat

This game originated in France but is now played across the world; in fact it is the most popular casino game in Asia! Simply choose the hand with the highest total and, if you are right; enjoy your winnings!

  • Poker

Poker is a card game with a huge array of different variants. It is advisable to learn the rules of your chosen game before you start playing this casino game in the UK. The rules are different for each version of the game!

Interestingly poker is generally seen as the game which requires the most skill.

  • Dream Catcher

A huge spinning wheel filled with six numbers. Pick the number you think the wheel will stop on; if you are right then your payout will be based on the winning number! This is one of the most popular casino games in the UK because it is so simple to play!

The most popular casino in the UK is likely to be the one which offers the best range of casino games in the UK! The best facilities will have in excess of twenty five games. Simply remember that it is supposed to be fun; you may even walk away better off than when you started!

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1 10 no deposit free spins on selected slots Visit Review
2 up to 50 free spins Visit Review
3 up to EUR 200 and 100 spins Visit Review
4 up to EUR 200 and 230 spins Visit Review
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