Casino Terms: a must-have Guide for New Players

To play online casino uses its own terminology a.k.a, casino terms. Knowledge of these words you just need to learn, to not play with money and get into an unpleasant situation simply because of ignorance. We consider two basic types, these are general terms and game terms. Today we’ll talk about casino terms that fall under the game terms category.

What are the game terms:

  • Raise – raise the bet. The amount of the rate increase depends mainly on the rules of the game (applied in Red Dog, Poker).
  • Surrender – The player can abandon the game, losing at the same time half the bet (used in the War of the Casino, BlackJack).
  • Fold – the player folds the cards, and previously made bets are played (applied in Poker, Caribbean Poker).
  • Hand is a set of cards from a dealer or player (used in card games).
  • Deal (handing over) – delivery of cards; button that starts the game in these games (used in card games).
  • Game (the game itself) is a game in a casino. The following games are more popular in online casinos: Craps, BlackJack, Caribbean Poker, Videopoker, Roulette, Roulette, Red Dog (Red Dog, Red Dog), Sic Bo, Let it Ride Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Keno, Slots (One-armed Bandits, Slots) .
  • Bust – the player scored more points than needed – automatic loss (used in BlackJack).
  • Hit (buy) – get a new card (used in BlackJack).
  • Insurance – to insure against the appearance of a blackjack dealer when the open card is an Ace (used in BlackJack).
  • Roll (twist, roll) – start button in games with cubes (used when playing in Kostya, Sic Bo).
  • Split – split two identical cards (used in BlackJack).
  • JackPot – the large amount of money that a player receives when typing a certain combination, is offered by some of the slot machines and in Caribbean Poker. The amount starts at a certain minimum and is increased by deductions from player rates.
  • Double – double the bet (applied in Blackjack); risk a win, for the possibility of doubling it (used in Video Poker).
  • Ante – the name of the initial bet (applied in Caribbean Poker). If the game continues after the cards are dealt, the player must make an additional bet. If the player does not continue the game, the ante is canceled.
  • Single player) – the player plays without other players, one on one with the program.
  • Coin, Token – coins used to pay for playing in slot machines (used in Slots, VP)
  • Betting limits, Table limits – limit on the amount of bets: the allowed size of the minimum and maximum bets possible on each of the gaming tables. Usually the difference between the maximum and minimum bet is 20-300 times, the minimum bet is usually $ 1-5, the maximum bet is $ 500-2500, the standard value is 5s, 10s, 25s, 50s, $ 1.
  • Multiplayer – the game is like a real casino: several players have the opportunity to play at the same table, even talking at will. With multiplayer, for online casinos it’s usually harder to cheat.
  • Call (accept) – the player agrees to continue the game and makes an additional bet (or leaves the current bet in Red Dog). The value of the bet depends on the bet of other players (for example, in Poker) or on the value of an ante (for example, in Caribbean Poker).
  • Chip – a feature of the casino used for bets. The standard denomination of chips is $ 1, $ 5, $ 25, $ 100, $ 500 (it is worth noting that the Micro casino uses a different denomination).
  • Dealer, Croupier (dealer, croupier) – representative of the casino, opponent of the player in most games. It is the dealer’s responsibility to turn the roulette wheel, hand over cards, etc.
  • House Way (a way of the bank) – the offer to the player in an automatic mode to distribute its cards between the top and bottom hands by standard rules which are obliged to adhere to the casino (it is applied in Pai Gow Poker).
  • Rebet (repeat bet) – a button that allows the player to make a new bet in the automatic mode, equal to the previous one.
  • Player is a person who plays in an online casino.
  • Bet One (put one) – put one coin or increase the bet by one coin (used in Slot Machines – Slots, Video poker).
  • Slot – a slot machine; For modern versions of gaming machines, the term “video slots” (video slot) is often used.
  • Bet is the player’s bet, usually carried out by placing game chips on a specially designated place on the gaming table.
  • Martingale – rate management system
  • New game – a button to start a new game (in some online casinos).
  • Stand – leave current cards (used in BlackJack).
  • Spin (rotate) is a button that starts the game (used for Roulette or in Slots).

These casino terms are very widely used, so make sure you know them before stepping into the fascinating downloads casino, live casinos and gambling world.