Baccarat Betting Systems: Learn Online Baccarat

Being the simplest card game in a casino, baccarat does not provide for any complicated strategies. Since the player has only 3 bet options, the game in baccarat reminds guessing the outcome of the coin toss (eagle or tails).

Features of baccarat

The goal of the player in baccarat is to guess which party of the party will receive the most “expensive” hand. Each card in this game is given a certain value:

  • A – 1 point
  • Cards of denomination from 2 to 9 – the number of points at face value
  • 10, J, Q, K – 0 points

The task of the player – before the start of the game to bet on the victory of the dealer, the player’s victory or no-man’s outcome.

Payouts at the rates are as follows:

  • The bet on winning the player is 1 to 1
  • The rate for the dealer’s victory is 19 to 20 (in the case of such a bet, a commission of 5% of its amount is withheld)
  • The bet on a draw is 8 to 1

The classic version of the game uses 8 card decks, but in modern online casinos, baccarat versions with one single deck are very popular. For such a variation of the game, the mathematical probability of one of the three outcomes (dealer / player win or draw) is as follows:

Variant of rate-Probability in percentage:

  • Dealer Rate – 45,9624
  • Bet on the player – 44.676
  • The bet on a draw – 9,3616

Strategy of the game and baccarat betting systems

In accordance with the above table of mathematical probabilities, the most logical strategy of baccarat looks like a bet on a dealer – the probability of such an outcome in each game is a little more. The advantage of the casino at the rate for the dealer’s victory is only 1.01%, while at the rate for winning the player – 1.29% and at a bet on a draw – 15.75%.

However, in practice, such a strategy is not always justified, since some casinos charge players who bet on a more profitable outcome (dealer victory) a commission of 5% of the bet amount. Accordingly, the only mathematically grounded game strategy that will provide the user with a profit in the long-term gaming session is a bet on the player’s victory.

This tactic can be combined with any universal strategies designed for betting on equal chances (for example, in roulette). Sufficiently effective for playing baccarat is the well-known Martingale system, which involves doubling the bet amount in case of each loss according to the sequence 1-2-4-8-16-32 ….